22/365 – Bokeh
Pretty morning light at the water

23/365 – 5.6 – 8 FStop
Finally we can happily bike ride together as a family.  It’s been a long slog to get here.  We have still got some training wheels to ditch but all in good time (his own good time!).

24/365 – Bedroom Light
She is growing up so fast – sometimes it is nice to be reminded that she is a little girl who likes to cuddle a teddy and watch a cartoon.

25/365 – Artist Choice
Our newfound passion.

26/365 – In The Scene
So I have a fair bit to say about these pictures and a little too much for a one liner so bare with me.  I had been on holidays for 4.5 days with just myself and the kids as Jack had to go home to work only 3 days into our 2 week holiday.  Although we immensely missed our main man – the kids and I had a great time.  We did activities, we went to the beach, mini golf, had ice cream, went on adventure walks, out for breakfast, went to the movies, the park, a bike ride, kicked the footy, played cricket and had some quiet time at home.  I thought by the time Jack got back, I would be dying for my own time so I suggested we go on a family bike ride and when we got the park, I would continue on an go for a run.  I got the park and it was such a beautiful evening that all I wanted to do was spend time with my family at the park.  So I did.  And we had the best time.  We mucked around on the little trampoline and I was sitting back taking photos of Jack with the kids on it.  He said I should have a go as it was heaps of fun and my first thought was – I am in my running gear, I have no make up on and my hair is a mess so don’t take photos but he did and boy am I glad he did.

When I look at these photos I wince because all my stomach rolls are clearly visible and they would not normally be the kind of images that I would like shown.  Every woman has their insecurities and mine is and always has been my stomach.  It dawned on me that even though I don’t particularly like looking at myself in this position and predicament that this is what people see of me every day.  I work out a lot, I am in this ‘active wear’ just about every day and people see me in it doing all manner of exercises and awkward body positions.  Even when I am in my normal clothes, people would still notice – it is just that I am not always looking at it.  When I’m in front of the mirror, I am most likely tucking my tummy in or standing in a position more flattering to my own eye (come on we all do it!) but when I am going about my every day business – exercising, sitting, walking, running, jumping, photographing, leaning over etc then this is how I look.  I don’t know if it is all the yoga I have been doing (day 22 of a 31 day yoga challenge!) but perhaps I am more accepting of who and what I am – for today anyway.  It is bound to go up and down along with my weight as a 40 year old women and mother but hey, maybe THAT is what I am more accepting of – what will be will be.  I know I work hard to be the healthiest version of myself that I can be and maybe it is time to be a little less hard on myself when I don’t look the way I want to look.

So today I am looking past that insecurity and looking at the moments that were captured here with my kids.  It was sooooo much fun – we all had red faces at the end of it and were exhausted but we laughed and we ran and we jumped and we caught it all on camera.  The kids loved us being involved in their silly park play and looking back on the different pictures that we got and I love that I have these beautiful images to cement our memories.  My kids will never look at my tummy rolls and wonder why I was in this picture looking like this – they will have an automatic smile at remembering the memories captured right here.

And I am glad I didn’t go for a run.  Don’t get me wrong – I am very much looking forward to my pedicure later today (*when this was written*) but we will never get this particular beautiful evening and special moments back and now I have the memories documented.

Please please please get in the frame ladies.  Your kids will love you for it and how awesome to have your memories documented in pictures.

27/365 – 2,000 or higher ISO
This scene never gets old.  Lakes Entrance – our home away from home.

28/365 – Evening Light
Getting the most out of our last night rays of sun on our last night on holidays.