A fabulous golden hour was spent with the Steendam Family a few weeks back.  Fellow photog friend Emma from Emma Steendam Photography and the amazing blog She Sows Seeds (Oh my gosh – I just stumbled across her Hot Cross Pudding recipe as I was clicking on that link – you should definitely check it out – yummo!!!) let me tag along for an afternoon of egg finding (not the chocolate kind), veggie garden picking & a cracker game of hide & seek.  How divine are these little girls Eleanor and Harriet?  And I swear, I do not photograph these families just for the haul that I come away with but I was so thankful for the spuds, zucchinis & cucumbers I took home – I’m not gonna lie.  The spuds came in just nicely for my Nana’s famous tuna patties my cousin (plus 4 mini helpers) and I whipped up for Good Friday.