Well wasn’t my day, week, month, year made when I received these lovely words from Bree after seeing a Facebook sneak peek of her and her adorable baby boy Dusty.

“Oh Kel I can’t thank you enough!  This photo has brought tears of joy to me.
Bringing Dusty into this world was such a scary & traumatic experience and I hated that I felt like that but seeing this makes me realise that although it wasn’t the experience I’d hoped for I have the most precious & perfect little man and I am so incredibly grateful for that. 

Looking at this photo has unblocked some serious emotions I’ve been carrying so from the bottom of my heart thank you.  I honestly have never been so moved by an image and I still every time I look at it well up.

That is your gift Kel and you should be proud of yourself xx”

Bree believes that we don’t talk enough about the ‘other side’ of child birth. It is beautiful & magical & we are of course grateful to have our babies but she knows she is not alone in feeling traumatised by the experience as well and I think as mums we feel guilty to admit that.  

I was so glad that with me doing what I love it was able to bring some kind of light after such a traumatic experience and if it has had the bonus of Bree opening up about that experience to her friends and family since then wow – that’s some power in one little image isn’t it?