About Kellie
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I have a no-cheese rule.
There’s no posing around here – I love to shoot with authenticity and bring you photographs that truly show you a moment in time, just as it is.

 I’m Kellie, and photographing all aspects of my world has been a passion of mine for – eek – 25 years!

I fell into an unrelated field after my schooling, but the arrival of my own children made me determined to make my hobby a career.  I am lucky enough that my career is also my lifestyle – I still marvel that I get to do this every day and that I built this business myself.  My family and I are based in Trafalgar, at the base of the gorgeous Strzelecki Ranges and I love to photograph families all around our beautiful area of Gippsland and beyond.

With my family photography, my style is candid and natural.  You choose a place you love and we work together to capture you being….well…you!  I love movement and light and colour and wildness, so you don’t need to worry about feeling awkward, and you certainly don’t need to worry about how your kids behave either.  I have techniques to make everyone feel comfortable and focus on each other, rather than the lady with the camera (me).  You will receive photographs that remind you over and over again of that time you spent together as a family.

With my branding and content photography comes a distinctive and customised experience.  We might be taking photos of your property, or perhaps of your product being used.  Maybe we’re taking photos of you performing the service you provide or maybe you need some new headshots because the one you have doesn’t feel like ‘you’ (or you don’t have any at all).  Think colour, life and movement in a comfortable environment.  We can get together and map out a strategy that really tells the story of your brand.

So let’s connect. Take a look around my Family or Branding portfolios or get in touch here!


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