Got Questions?

What can I expect from a lifestyle session?
You can expect a memorable day of just ‘being’ with your family. I don’t want you to do or be anything in particular, other than be present and connecting. I will offer guidance only when necessary  – for instance, to shoo you towards beautiful light or to help relax the kids (though I’ve found most photos are great when the kids are far from relaxing!)
Where should we go?
Wherever you feel most comfortable. Your favourite beach, out on the farm or inside your home. I’ve photographed kids in trees and on hay bales, jumping on beds and even a photo shoot in a greenhouse! Newborn sessions are always in the comfort of your home.
What should we wear?

Simple, casual and comfortable is best! Anything that evokes movement (think: swishy skirts and wind-blown hair) is great but not a must.  Coordinating, not matching, is great, and colour comes up BEAUTIFULLY in photos (hence my business name used to be The Colour of Life!)

It’s best to avoid too many prints, big logos and lots of black. For extra inspiration, you can visit my Pinterest Boards
I can also recommend some of the best stylists, hairdressers and makeup artists around! Great if you want to feel a little bit more special on shoot day! Also I’ve written a blog post, that you can find here ‘What do I wear?‘ that you may find helpful!

What happens if we need to reschedule?
Life happens, I get it. If an illness or unforseen event comes along, let me know at your earliest convenience so we can pick another date.
What about our peculiar Victorian weather?
I do sessions in all kinds of weather aside from rain and strong wind so if we happen to come across a particularly nasty day, we will decide together on the day whether to postpone the photo shoot or not.
Can I book a session with extra family members, like grandma?

Yes, definitely. I love grandmas (and grandpas!).  You will need to book a Full Lifestyle Session and add on $10 per person.

How soon after bub arrives should I book my newborn session?
I recommend between one and four weeks old. The baby can be awake or asleep (or both) so I will be totally guided by you as to when you think you (and babe) are ready. We will pencil a date in shortly after your due date and you just let me know when your bundle of joy arrives, and we can set up a suitable time.
When will I receive my digital photos?
Approximately two to three weeks after your session, you will receive a link to a password protected online gallery, which will remain open for 7 days.
How do I order prints, albums or canvases?

Contact me and I can show you all of the beautiful options available – remember: photographs are meant to be printed!

Once you have chosen your artwork and paid for them, your order will be placed and delivery will be 1-3 weeks and a little longer for albums.

Do you photograph weddings or parties?

Nope, but I can recommend fabulous wedding photographers. My passion lies in photographing families and children along with small business.

What are your payment terms?

A non-refundable Booking fee of either $200 or $300 depending on the time of the week will secure your date and time. The balance will be due prior to your session taking place. Payment plans are available – just get in contact

How do I book?

Simply head to the Contact section on my website if you have more questions or head straight to the Booking tab below.  This allows us to help get the ball rolling on a date and time that is fitting for us all.