15/365 – Artist Choice
An afternoon well spent at Gran & Pop’s place where F proceeded to win quite a comp on Pop’s little ring game.

16/365 – Outside Looking In
Oh my word.  May I never have to take the kids mattress shopping again.  Out.  Of.  Control.

17/365 – In The Scene
Re-living my youth with the kids and talking mini golf & tramp history with the owner.  Got a little freebie jump as he loves a good story about someone growing up at his little establishment.

18/365 – Low shutter speed
Dad in action

19/365 – Shoot in Auto
Well that sure was a blast from the past shooting in Auto.  We are absolutely loving all the new features of the park in Lakes. 

20/365 – Artist Choice
I tried an Hour by Hour project today.  It was fun!  Kids even embraced it by reminding me

21/365 – Use longest focal length you own
Dressed in pink pineapple sunnies (plus a pineapple top) and eating a yellow watermelon.