Hi!  How ya doing?  How has  your Sunday been?  Mine has been great thanks for asking.  So.  I have been contemplating this blog post for quite some time.  I have sat down to begin writing it.  I have shelved it.  I’ve been too scared to approach and share it but all along, I have kind of known it had to come out some time.


This morning I woke up to a ‘Facebook Memory’ telling me that it was 3 years ago today that I launched my business (then named Capture by Kellie) so I thought now might be a pretty poignant time to give this post a go.  Wow!  I knew it was coming up to 3 years but I hadn’t really sat down and looked at the actual date.  Immediately I thought – “Gee I really am not where I thought I would be”.  I was hoping that by now I would be making a living from my photography but the truth of the matter is, I am not.


Almost instantaneously while I was having that negative thought, I saw a friend comment & share an image from when I first launched my business.  As lovely as their gorgeous family was, I was mortified at the quality of the photo and the editing of said photo and even the posed nature of it as I have moved so far away from that style.  BUT it was also a great wake up call and it did remind me of how far I have come, how much I have learnt and how I have evolved.


At the end of the day, in the busy lives that we all lead isn’t that what it is all about?  Learning.  Evolving.  Not staying stagnant.


We all live in a world of comparison and even envy.  Comparing ourselves to others whether it be in business, in talent, in financial circumstances, fitness or body image – it really could be anything.  Hey – I even compare myself & admire others that seem to have a handle on how they are happy in their own life and DON’T compare themselves to others!


In any case, we all have our own individual struggles and obstacles and we all have to be accountable for our own pace & actions.


So here I am today, now heading into my 4th year of business and my 40th year in life and I am taking stock and being accountable for my own pace.  I reflect on a pace that has allowed me to be there for kinder and school drop offs & pick ups, kinder duty, after kinder & school activities, my daughter’s flourishing performing and acting career (if you call it that at aged 6!).  A pace that has allowed me to concentrate on my family’s health by cooking healthy meals and snacks (not that there is always time for that but I try), work on my own fitness…..and encourage a husband to do the same ;-).  And a pace that has had room for wonderful family holidays with memories to last a lifetime.


I feel blessed that I have been there for all of that and have been able to evolve my craft by photographing beautiful families along the way and I thank every single one of them for that privilege.


BUT my friends, now that my son is in big boy kinder and I am looking down the barrel of two kids in school next year, this now is the time to become accountable for my actions going forward.  Time to stop comparing, time to stop making excuses for not being where I want to be, time to stop looking for validation (as the awe inspiring Sue Bryce said), time to stop being a scaredy cat and time to stand on my own two feet and create my own voice.  My voice starts at home as that’s where my heart is so you will be seeing much more of my personal work and I hope to the high heavens that transforms into you seeing many more new faces along the way.


My inspiration will be light, connection and colour and I WILL be working at my own pace using my own vision and making myself and my family happy first.  I WILL at the same time also learn to be a little less hard on myself (a promise to my ever so supportive husband).  I WILL work on the ever elusive balance in all aspects of my life.  A million thanks to all the coaches, mentors, writers, inspirational speakers & photog friends for banging that same drum – I think I’m finally willing to listen.


What is with the crazy reflections one has around 40?  Crazy….but good crazy!


Here’s to a fabulous fourth and fortieth year!!!


I WILL look back at the end of this year and say with certainty & conviction that I worked hard (with smarter not harder in mind ūüėČ and gave it a crack!


Have a great week xx