People often wonder why I suggest all my sessions are done in the late afternoon in Winter or early evening in the Summer.  I know that it is the most conducive when you are dealing with little ones but it really is the best light of the day and I can therefore make the most of your session.  The evening light when the sun is lower in the sky produces a soft diffuse light which is so much more flattering than the harsh sun, shadows or flat dull light that throughout the day can give you – not to mention squinty eyes.

I can’t wait for more Golden Light Summer sessions at the beach and on the farm this year but in the meantime, here is a recent session with this scrumptiously happy family.  Nothing makes me happier than my lovely families coming back to me year after year to update their family photos and I get to see their babies grow into little humans and spunk rats.

Kookshorn-10 Kookshorn-16 Kookshorn-29 Kookshorn-32 Kookshorn-34 Kookshorn-40 Kookshorn-62 Kookshorn-78 Kookshorn-99