To mums with multiple children.

Do you remember those days where it was just you and your first born?  To some of us it seems so far long gone.  You actually don’t think there is any room in your heart for another child but then that next child comes along and you realise there of course is room.  It is possible to love two or more children equally at once but still those days when there was just the two of you seem so far behind you.  I have heard some mums say they miss their toddler once baby number two comes along.  That is why this time that Hilary and Piper spent together with me and my camera is so precious.  Pretty soon these endless days just the two of them are going to be a thing of the past.  Absolutely no question about it – there are exciting things on the horizon but how nice that they were able to capture these days of cuddles and stories and snacks and documenting a gorgeous pregnancy all at the same time.

I love it.  I never did the maternity photography thing – it wasn’t really on my radar apart from grabbing a few selfies (via husband) along the way but I soooooo wish I had that time photographed by a professional (no offence husband).  I can’t get that time back and I can’t recommend highly enough that you do it if you are thinking about it.

I have a special deal for all newborn clients in January & February next year.  If you book your newborn session in, I am going to throw in a mini in-home maternity session absolutely free!!!  To jump on this, please send me an enquiry before the offer is gone and spaces fill up.