How often do you take yourself out from behind the lens to in front?  How many pictures do you have of you and your children that are not selfies?  If the answer is never or not often to both then I hugely encourage you to do future self and your kids a favour by getting it done.  Of course Mothers Day is the perfect opportunity but that has come and gone now so what other ‘better opportunity’ than right now.  It doesn’t have to be me (of course if it is then woo hoo – can’t wait!!) but make sure you make it happen.  It is ever so important for us mums to be present in photos for our kids in the future.  Show them through beautiful professional images how much they were loved by actually existing in pictures.

Mia did and more than anything, the thing that I see in this session is how much SHE is loved and adored by her gorgeous kids.  The kids will remember the love.  Mia will remember the love and one day in the not too distant future these kids’ dad will get himself in front of my lens and have treasured memories to keep too.  Hehe – it is my mission.

Enjoy the love.  Capture the love.  Be the love.