My friend Vicky from Vicky Palmieri Photography and I locked horns again to photograph one another but this time we brought our families along.  We picked a stunning Melbourne bayside location and I could have shown you all manner of beautiful location images but do you know what – the thing that shone through the most was their love for one another and their happiness to just be together.  I could tell they are epic beach lovers and it reminded me again that it is not about the scenery, it is not about the backdrop, it is about a family being in their happy place and just being together.

Let’s find that happy place for you and share with the world your love for one another just like Vicky, Anthony, Jordan and Evelyn did here.  The honest images you will receive in the end will forever remind you of one of that together moment you shared as a family.

Thank you beautiful ones for reminding me again why I do what I do and why I love it so. xx