OH WOW!  I could not believe the amazing light and colour in this session.  Firstly, I am always so envious of my sister & brother in law and my nephew and two nieces and how colourful and eclectic they always are in their attire.  Clearly I love colour so when I saw them all bursting with colour and smiles, I was giddy inside to get started.  We got a bit worried when the clouds rolled in, it got extrodinarily dark and it bucketed down for about 10 minutes.  BUT what happened after was nothing short of amazing – the clouds parted slightly to let the sun peep through but still give an amazing dark background and the most amazing double rainbow appeared.  I did get some pics with the rainbow but it was what was happening around that was exciting me.  It truly was like the rainbow was just bursting colours of light back onto the family as they lit up in this amazing aura.  I was loving it and when I got the pics off my camera, I was even more excited.  So without further ado – here is the outcome.  I hope you love them as much as I do.

Shannon-22 Shannon-25 Shannon-26 Shannon-32 Shannon-37 Shannon-40 Shannon-60 Shannon-63 Shannon-66 Shannon-68 Shannon-96 Shannon-106 Shannon-107 Shannon-110 Shannon-115 Shannon-118 Shannon-130