So we are well and truly off and running into 2015 and resolutions are being thrown about and so are the skeptics saying they don’t believe in resolutions because they are never adhered to and met and so on.  I say bring them on.  I say what better time to jot down some goals, some wants and some plans.  Who cares if we do not stick to them 100% and also what’s to stop us continuing to set and re-set goals throughout the year.  Fall off the wagon, make mistakes, learn some stuff and I believe that generally most decisions that come from positivity will turn out good.


In saying that, one of my resolutions is to do some personal photography projects.  I’ve taken on a few, I am doing a few courses and I am continuously learning and my blog will be a platform for me to share these things with you which again is another resolution of mine – to get blogging!  One of the places I learn and get support from is in a group of beautiful women and wonderful photographers – Shooting with Soul.  Some of us have joined in a 52 Project together where we post a picture or pictures each week with a different theme throughout the year.  This week’s theme was aptly named “Resolution”.


Along with (a) joining this project and (b) posting this blog, taking pictures of my own children is among my resolutions.  I know what you all think – you have thousands of pictures of your kids Kellie but I can actually go weeks without getting my “big camera” out on my family and this year is going to be different.  I want to capture the kids every week for a year doing what they love doing hopefully sticking to each theme and without using my iphone all the time.  You will probably see Maya giving me big cheesies straight to the camera as that’s what she does (and I cannot get her to stop!) and Fletcher with him never looking at the camera and his head faced another way as that’s what he does (and I can  never get him to look!) but here’s one beautiful tender moment which are very few and far between with these two because they fight ALL THE TIME.   I was able to capture this by sneaking up on them and sticking my lens out my back sliding door slightly.  Their giggles got my attention – oh how the giggles melt my heart when they happen instead of squeeling and yelling.


See you next week and Happy New Year!


_MG_9303-Edit 2

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