Strange.  We just got back from a camping weekend away with some friends and I was having a look at some photos I took.  I didn’t really take many to be honest, I was either too relaxed or playing with my new Iphone that I got on Friday.  I stumbled across this sweet pic of our little man and one of our gorgeous neighbours.  How cute is it?  Funnily enough, I was setting aside some time tomorrow to do a bit of a 52 Project catch up and I just happened to look at this week’s subject and low and behold – it is neighbour – how fitting.

The friends we went with consisted of two of our neighbours – it would have been quite hilarious if I had have gotten a photo of all 3 caravans backing into our driveways when we got home as we pulled into home at exactly the same time.

So anyhow it was a great and relaxing weekend away with some wonderful people and this is my favorite image from the weekend.  We look forward to many more adventures with the caravan crew.