Yep, I have that kid.  That kid that just mucks around in swimming class distracting all the other kids trying to do their best (insert sad face here).  All our little blue eyed boy wants to do is duck dive under water.  Pretty sure he is part seal as he just loooooves the water but all he wants to do is be under and just come up for air every now and again to see if we were watching his last under water deep sea manouver.  He can hold his breath for a crazy amount of time and has some kind of seal-like “swim” going on with arms by his side just flailing his head and body around like a seal doing all sorts of crazy twists and turns.  I do try to act all stern on the sidelines asking him to listen to his poor teacher while warning him his beloved cars will be put in the jar when we get home if he doesn’t pay attention but I am holding back the laughter at his seal like behaviour.  He thinks he is a better swimmer than he is and insists on doing it all himself (typical 3 year old) but yesterday had a little scare as he sunk a little bit more than he would have liked and couldn’t do the proper strokes to get himself above water to his teacher.  I am hoping with all my might that THAT was the epiphany – please please please let that be the epiphany.  Time will tell.  I will not be holding my breath……unlike someone.

Anyone have any tips for strong willed 3 year old boys not paying attention when they should?